Friday, 3 November 2017

The Devil is Electric - It Sounds Better in the Basement (Reviewed By Mike Patton)

  It's Friday so it's guest review day and today that guest is Vista Blue's Mike Patton. (  Mike's chosen a song by The Devil Is Electric, and the song appeared on the 2001 album, I've Never Trusted A Revolutionary That Was Afraid To Dance.

  Cheers Mike.....

  This song always takes me back to when I lived in New Orleans. Between 2000 and 2005 or so, I was playing a lot of shows with my bands The Robinsons and Sally Stitches, and I was booking another 5-6 shows a month for other bands, at local venues, houses, and even my garage.

It was a great time to be involved with the DIY scene, and there were constantly great bands on tour who just wanted to play. With some of the bands, we'd do NOLA one night, Baton Rouge the next, and try to do something like a kickball game in between.

This song perfectly sums up that time, when it was always about the music, not the money, about friends, and not fame. And to this day, I'd always rather play in a basement than play on "some dumb stage."

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