Monday, 13 November 2017

Canker Blossom - Catch me when I'm Gone

  Formed in 2012, Canker Blossom are a high octane pop punk band from Baltimore comprising of Alicia Passmore (vocals/guitar), Jonah Gallagher (drums/vocals) and Nathan Leek (bass).

 They released their debut album, Gooner, in 2013. Album number 2, That's So Killer, followed in 2015 and they've kept up their run of biannual releases with new album, In Space. You can find them all on Bandcamp :

  Listing amongst their influences the likes of Bikini Kill, The Muffs, The Ramones, Operation Ivy, The Ergs, The Descendents etc, they're a band that should definitely be checked out by those of you who bemoaned the demise of Michigan female fronted punks The Lippies. They're fun, catchy and not without bite, they recently played The Fest and on 1st December they'll be supporting The Descendents in Baltimore. You can find out more about them here :

  This is Catch Me When I'm Gone....

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