Sunday, 29 October 2017

The Ramonas - Poser

photo by Mark Richards

  Earlier this month I posted a top 10 selected by Ramonas bassist Victoria Smith which proved very popular ( and attracted a few thousand of you to click on the page. I'm sure today's update will go down equally as well as it's the first video from their excellent debut album, First World Problems. As I mentioned previously, despite starting up as a Ramones tribute act, The Ramonas are now writing and recording their own material, and very good it is too.

  Originally conceived in 2004, The Ramonas have undergone numerous line up changes leaving them currently boasting the talents of not only Victoria Smith but also Lisa Lathwell (vocals), Maxine Cahill (guitar) and Camille Phillips (drums). Whilst not featuring any Ramones covers, First World Problems certainly captures their fire and spirit. It features 14 blistering tracks and even finds room to fit in a guest appearance from Charlie Harper and his trusty harmonica. You can pick up the album here : and get more band info here :

  Last year The Guardian featured a live review of the band and wondered what "this spirited foursome" would sound like performing their own material. Now we know the answer, pretty damn good. This is Poser.....

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