Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Philtrum - Crantock


  Philtrum are a 3 piece punk band from Rochester or at least they were and would like to be again. Founded in 2011 by vocalist/guitarist Paul Pearson they also feature Leo on bass but are currently looking for a new drummer. Can any of you guys reading this help out with their search?

  As you can see from the poster, they're very much influenced by the 90's melodic punk and skateboarding scenes. Some of you may have heard their cover of The Senseless Things' song Girlfriend which recently came out on the Punk, Not Fraggle tribute album

  Other releases by the band include 2012's Needs Must ep, 2013's Rough Days ep, 2014's Permanent single and new track Crantock. You can find most of them name your price on Bandcamp :

  You can also get more info (including news that a new album is in the pipeline) here : Come back tomorrow as I'll be posting a top 10 of their favourite songs.

  An upbeat summer anthem, this is Crantock.....

It's here, the time of year that I just love.
I want to be out,I want to be outside and not in a pub
breathing clean air, and not sweaty pits with
too many people in my space.
I'll race ya.

There is no other place I'd like to be now,
There is no other view I'd like to see now.
There is no....

Relax put your feet up,
and enjoy the day.
This is your time, it's not my time
I will slip away.
Sand between your toes and very little clothes.
Grab your board I hear it calling...
I'll race ya.

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