Thursday, 12 October 2017

Onsind - Immature


  This blog started at the end of 2013 when I was still on holiday from work, Christmas was over and I was bored so decided to see if I could suss out how to make a blog to collect together a bunch of cool videos. Just so it didn't resemble Youtube too much I thought I'd better write a couple of lines saying what the songs were. I'm still doing it.

  The first song to feature was I'll Be Gone by The Oblivians and this was followed the next day by Radioactivity with Alright. Day 3, 1st Jan 2014, saw me post Dissatisfactions by Onsind  ( )  No one knew about the blog back then and even now, nearly 4 years later, only 20 people have viewed the page. Considerably more will view the song I'm posting by them today.

  There must be something about the north east accent that attracts me, Bear Trade's Silent Unspeakable will quite probably end up being my favourite album of 2017. No Ditching were a band I adored (I'm gutted they appear to be no more) and Martha are one of the UK's best bands. As they share members with Martha and No Ditching, it's no surprise that Onsind (One Night Stand In North Dakota) are pretty wonderful themselves.

  It's also no surprise that a band who's name is a reference to the lack of adequate abortion facilities in some areas of the USA write songs that are intelligent and hard hitting but they wrap these iron fisted missives in velvet gloves. The best protest songs are the ones that sucker you in with a catchy tune, letting the message slowly seep into your brain as you hum along. Onsind have been doing this for a decade now and you can find their music name your price here :

  With a line up of Nathan Stephens Griffin, Daniel Ellis, Naomi Griffin, Jason Cavalier and Claire Swift, they'll be releasing their new album, We Wilt, We Bloom, next month on Specialist Subject and Salinas Records. A tour will coincide and you can find details here :

  To whet your appetite, here's their new video for a song called Immature. You can also get it name your price on Bandcamp with all money donated going to Savage Collective ("The salvage collective aims to brings together women (cis, trans & intersex), trans & non-binary survivors & activists who experience gender oppression, violence and abuse in UK activist communities to nurture activist cultures of care, accountability & safety. 

We aim to provide a network to share experiences, resources, skills and build communities of belief, support and action."  )

My neighbour told me a story,
About a kid who bought a house aged twenty one,
I said "you're winding me up just for fun"
He said "it's true! By the way, your rent's due, son"
"But that seems so unfair"
He said "if you tried really hard you could get there,
But your generation's so immature,
you want it all on a plate,
you want it all on a plate,
you want it all..."

Do I sound like a teenager,
When I say that you've infantilised our rage,
When I say I want to put my self in danger,
Do I sound immature?

Yeah we're still living in our parents' basements,
Or renting foul accomadation from our baby boomer mates,
And god forbid you take a selfie or you're hated,
By a generation raised in a welfare state,
They say we're all so self-obsessed,
So lazy, so work-shy, and all the rest,
It's seems to me the one thing that unites my friends is that we all just wanna fucking die.

Do I sound like a teenager,
When I say that you've infantilised our rage,
When I say I want to put my self in danger,
Do I sound immature? 

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