Monday, 30 October 2017

Mark Wynn - The girl who looked like Bobby Gillespie

  Mark Wynn is a York based performance artist who I only recently stumbled across and whom I know very little about. I've read that his live performances can often leave audiences open mouthed at his eccentric ramblings. Vibrations Magazine asks "is it stand up? Is it performance art? Is it just silly? Is it punk? Is it just a Fall rip-off? It may be all these things and it may be none of them, but it is very, very, very funny indeed." Other reviewers describe him as being akin "to the nutter on the bus", "possessed by the devil in a mid LSD trip" and "the absolute pits."  I suppose it's better to divide an audience than to bore them...

  You can learn more about him on his blog : and you can delve into his extensive back catalogue here :

  In a previous incarnation he was a member of a band called Hijak Oscar before reinventing himself as an eccentric oddity. I've never heard Hijak Oscar but I'm guessing they weren't anything like as interesting or entertaining as his current guise.

  I'll be playing his song, Rip Off The Fall, on Tuesday's Just Some Punk Songs show ( but today I'm posting a song from the splendidly titled collection Singles - But They're Not Really Singles, I Just Sent Them to the Screen and Said They Were Singles' Singles. This is called The Girl Who Looked Like Bobby Gllespie....

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