Saturday, 2 September 2017

The Prostitutes - Give Me Head or Give Me Death


  Here's something hot off the presses. The Prostitutes are back with a new song, it's a teaser for a forthcoming ep which will follow shortly once the other two songs have been completed. For those of you that have been living in a cave for the last 20+ years, The Prostitutes are the Long Beach, California punk band that are responsible or numerous classics such as the Pelado Records released Can't Teach Kids Responsibility album and it's follow up Kill Them Before They Eat. There's also the excellent Get Sicker singles compilation and the 2013 compilation of previously unreleased material. That's without mentioning a string of killer singles (Get Sick, Twenty Two etc, etc...). This is the band that Faster And Louder's Lord Rutledge claims boasts a frontman with "the greatest punk voice of his time." High praise indeed but he's reviewed pretty much every band that matters down the years so he should know a thing or two.

  If you want to indulge yourself on them, The Prostitutes have their music (including the new song) up on Bandcamp name your price....

  So what's different this time around? Pretty much nothing. Despite Kevin Patrick McGovern having relocated to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, he's still at odds with the humdrum world, be it the people around him or the vacuous shows on tv. He's looking for a buzz he'll never forget. Musically the band are on top form with their Johnny Thunders, Germs, Zero Boys, Sex Pistols... inspired down and dirty punk rock sleaze. Welcome back guys, you ain't skipped a beat.

  This is Give Me Head Or Give Me Death....

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