Monday, 18 September 2017

Fresh - Bible Camp


  Fresh are from London, they formed in 2015 and they're a bit punky, a bit indie, a bit bloody good. Some of their songs are acoustic, some are a little bit noisier than that. They write about subjects such as depression, sexuality, exams and bible camp! Their frontwoman, Kathryn Woods, has a great voice. So check them out.

  May 2015 saw them release debut ep, Gewingchum, whilst the follow up, These Things Are Not That Fun, appeared later that year. Now on Specialist Subject Records, they recently released their self titled debut album and it's been the subject of a number of very positive reviews. Deceptively sweet tunes with bite are very much order of the day, lend them your ears....

  This is the shortest song on the album (I'll play a longer one on tomorrow's Just Some Punk Songs show, it's called Bible Camp.....

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