Sunday, 6 August 2017

Toylettes - Omi


  Toylettes are a German 4 piece from Berlin and Potsdam who remind me a little of legendary Swiss band Kleenex/Liliput. They formed in 2011 and the line up features Lisa (vocals/keyboard/guitar), Alex (guitar/vocals/keyboard), Jalla (drums/voice) and Daniel (bass/voice).

  In 2014 they released a self titled ep and followed it up a year later with the Tape album. 2016 ended with the release of the Achtzigertyp ep and now they're back with the remastered and reissued version of Tape which is available on 10" vinyl through Harbinger Sound and snappily titled Tape On Vinyl. You can find all those releases name your price on Bandcamp...

  This is the opening track from the album, it's called Omi...



  1. I must thank you I am discovering all sorts of new music that wasn't on my radar, this is another excellent band!

  2. thanks karl. most of the bands in the blog get played on the show too. this is the latest one