Monday, 14 August 2017

The Hardknocks - Lion's Den


  The Hardknocks are an oi band from Los Angeles who began life in 2010 and currently line up with Anthony Oi! (vocals), David Perez (guitar), Giovanni (guitar), Myke Evil (bass) and Raybeez (drums).

  2014 saw the release through Vinyl4Bootboys Records of debut ep Confrontation. They followed this a year later with debut album Battle Scarred (available on Crowd Control Media) before returning earlier this year with the Angels & Demons ep. You can check out all these releases here :

  I played a song from Battle Scarred on yesterday's Just Some Punk Songs show ( and it went down a storm with the chatroom folk so it's about time I posted a song from Angels & Demons on here.

  As with all the best oi songs, this is hard hitting, gritty and anthemic. Come on in to The Lion's Den.....

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