Saturday, 26 August 2017

The Fallout - Turn It Down



  The Fallout are a straight up, stripped down political punk band from Toronto with backbone and backbeat. Amongst their influences are listed the likes of The Clash, Stiff Little Fingers, The Jam and Ramones. They've been together for around 20 years and their songs are social commentary with a killer soundtrack; singalong rebellious music from a 3 piece that wear their hearts on their sleeves. The line up features Byron (guitar/vocals), Bob (drums/vocals) and Patty (bass/vocals).

  They've previously appeared on here with their own song, Talkin' Punk Civil War and with a storming cover of The Rebel Spell's Fight For The Sun. If you're not already familiar with them then you should definitely check out their impressive back catalogue on Bandcamp.... 

  I'd heard a while ago that they were working on new material and was excited when they posted one of the newly recorded songs on the Rebel Time Records Youtube page. It's about the Turn It Down campaign against white power music / hate rock of a few years ago and it features Patty on vocals. They plan to release a 4 song 7" ep and then follow it up with a new album.

This is Turn It Down.....

White noise
In stereo sound
Nothing sounds worse
Need to turn it down
Turn it down
Feeble minds cling to misguided fears
Forcing their nonsense
Into naïve ears
Turn it down
Mouth full of hate
Head full of shit
Bigots pandering to idiots
Turn it down
Your out of touch
Get with the times
Turn it around
And leave your hate behind
Turn it down


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