Friday, 4 August 2017

Los Fatso Libres - The Mask

  Another new band for you today, this time it's 3 masked men from Nottingham who seem to have a liking for Mexican wrestling as well as bands such as The Ramones, Lillingtons, Masked Intruder, Nerf Herder etc....

  They're called Los Fatso Libres and the line up features some typical East Midlands names; El Beanso (guitar/vocals), Don Rico (bass/vocals) and Beto Picante (drums).

  They only played their first gig last month but debut ep No Holds Barred is already scheduled for release in September. Nothing on Bandcamp yet aside from a name your price live version of one of their songs recorded at that debut gig ( but I'm guessing this will change soon. They have uploaded one of the songs from the ep to Youtube, this is The Mask....

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