Sunday, 13 August 2017

Joe Zero - Cezanne With Kisses

  Some of you may recall that throughout the year I've posted a number of songs from Joe Zero. Joe (aks Joe Moody) is the former frontman with golden age Belfast punk bands Victim and The Androids who is now based in Manchester making his own solo material. He's been teasing out a number of singles leading up to the release of his second solo album, The Eternity Man, and I'm pleased to bring you one of the highlights from that record today.

  Following on from a successful acoustic set at the recent Rebellion Festival in Blackpool, Joe has released The Eternity Man on cd and digital and you can find it here :

  The album is an eclectic affair with songs ranging from the excellent upbeat buzzsaw punk of Rock 'n' Roll Wars through to sea shanties and tender love ballads. Joe's crafted an album that moves away from his punk roots but doesn't totally discard them. One man, his guitar and a poet's heart, the slow teasing build up has been well worth the wait.

  The song I'm featuring below is one he wrote to for his partner and the love of his life, photographer Martine Fontaine. It's her work that graces the cover of the album her influence on him is apparent on several of it's songs. Case in point, this is Cezanne With Kisses.....

She was a mistake worth making 
At least once or twice, 
Or maybe a lifetime, who knows? 
For she makes my spine tingle 
Right down to the bone 
She is the Muse of my Song... 

Chorus. And I send her Cezanne Kisses 
Bouncing off the Moon, 
I send her Cezanne Kisses 
(Ohh, Ohh, Ohh, Ohh, Ohh ) 

I'd let the Mountains tumble 
Into the Sea 
For Eternity, and her Love; 
I'd let the Cosmos crumble 
Into the Night 
Until it starts Breathing again... 

And I send her my Heart (Heart and Soul) 
And I send her my Soul. (Heart and Soul) 
And I send her my Life (Life and Love) 
And I send her my Love. (Life and Love)

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