Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Top Dog - Razor Reg

  Carlisle Oi/Street Punk band Top Dog return next month with a new 4 track ep, it's titled Razor Reg and there'll be a 7" version available from Rebellion Records and Longshot Music. The band previously featured on Just Some Punk Songs with one of the highlights of their excellent debut s/t album (http://justsomepunksongs.blogspot.co.uk/2017/02/top-dog-carve-her-name-with-pride.html).

  Influenced by the classic British Oi stylings originated by the likes of The Business, The 4-Skins, Last Resort etc, Top Dog are one of the new wave of gritty, hard hitting bands that are heading the current revival in authentic street music. I featured some of those bands on the recent Just Some Punk Songs Best Oi Songs Of 2017 (So Far) show (https://www.mixcloud.com/mick-fletcher/just-some-punk-songs-best-oi-songs-of-2017-so-far/). The song I'm posting today would have definitely graced that show if it had have been released earlier.

  Following on from the worldwide success of the album, the band recently played their first overseas gig. This summer they will make their debut appearance at the Rebellion Festival and there's lots of other gigs lined up. They're also busy working on material for album number two and they say to watch out for a special release later this year. You can keep up to date with them on Facebook...  https://www.facebook.com/TopDogStreetpunk/

  This is the title track from the ep, taking us back to the gangland culture of 60's London, it's called Razor Reg....

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