Wednesday, 24 May 2017

A Page Of Punk - Itarurokoro

  Unfortunately this is going to be one of those intros where I don't share much information as I don't know much about the band. A Page Of Punk are from Tokyo, they formed in 2001 and they've released a bunch of records including this 49 track album on Drunken Sailor Records.....

  A couple of months ago they released a new album on I Hate Smoke Records (just 31 tracks this time!). It's called Punk Day - Beautiful Day and you can find a video for one of the songs below.

  UK punk fans can catch them at this year's Rebellion Festival in Blackpool where they'll be playing the Introducing Stage. You may have heard them on yesterday's Just Some Punk Songs show. If you missed it, it was the first of a 2 part special showcasing bands that will be gracing the Introducing Stage and you can listen to the saved version here :

  From the new album, this is Itarurokoro (It translates into English as Everywhere)....

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