Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Scandal - Trouble


  I came across a really good, punchy street punk song the other day from a band called Scandal. Knowing nothing about them I checked out their Facebook page for info ( but aside from learning their line up and that they formed in 1998, I was going to struggle to do them justice in this intro.

  Rather than pad things out I managed to contact bassist Vlad Octavian and he very kindly provided some details....

Scandal is a streetpunk band originally from Romania, ,at the moment based in London.

The band released their first album "Live in Beci" in 2001 .. live album, poor quality .

In 2003 we released the first studio album called "Resturi din Punkomat" all songs in Romanian language. D.I.Y.,with very poor distribution due to the nonexistent streetpunk distros and labels in Romania..the album was really appreciated ,the song "Patrula suge pula" (The Police Suck Cock ) became an hymn for the romanian punks.

Over the years Scandal had a lot of gigs all around Romania and Bulgaria.

....2016 ...after a 6 years break the band reunited in London ..with 2 original members Gabi ( voc. & guit) Vlad (bass& voc.) GG ( on drums ,who used to play in the band for a long time before the break) and a new member on lead guitar Andy Madway we have more energy than ever.

English lyrics ,same street attitude ,Scandal will release a new EP in April 2017 and a new full album by the end of summer.

We have a few UK gigs lined up also an European tour in October

Here is our first video from the new album

For bookings and contact:

I'll just add that their 2016 back in town ep is available name your price here :

Below you'll see the video for the song that caught my attention. It's a reworking of one of their oldest songs, E vreme de scandal, and I think it'll be on their forthcoming album. This is called Trouble....

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