Saturday, 1 April 2017

Exit Order - Mass Panic


  Exit Order are a female fronted hardcore punk band from Boston featuring members who honed their skills in a bunch of other bands such as Green Beret, Chain Rank, Leather Daddy, Terminal Youth, Sunshine Ward, Social Circkle etc.... The line up is Anna Cataldo (vocals), Paul Henry (drums), Ryan Abbott (guitar) and (Terminal) Ryan Taylor (bass)

  They announced themselves with a demo back in 2013 before bursting back onto the scene with 2015's S/T ep. Fast forward to the present and they've recently released debut album, Seed Of Hysteria. It's available on Side Two Records (USA) and La Vida Es Un Mus Discos (Europe). You can find all their releases on Bandcamp....

  The album is a lean, aggressive 20 minutes or so of pacy, envigorating punk that tips it's cap to early 80's UK hardcore. From it, this is Mass Panic....


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