Thursday, 13 April 2017

Dopers - FDT

photos :  David Knottnerus

  A song today with a great sing along chorus by a band who's Facebook profile reveals pretty much zilch aside from the line up. Wish me luck.....

  Starting with that line up; Dopers are a 3 piece all female garage punk band from Seattle featuring Alyssa Javas (drums/backing vocals), Robyn Nicole (guitar/vocals) and Malia Alexander (bass/backing vocals). Earlier this month they released a 5 track demo and you can find it name your price here :

  They recently featured in a local press article about demonstrations against Donald Trump and it's Trump who's the subject of the song below. Make sure that you sing along, this is called FDT.....

You want to bind our arms and you want to shave our legs
You want to take out hearts and crush them with your hate
You want to infiltrate the lives and play with all the fate of whose blood will be shed from your bigoted tirades
You racist instigator, you sexist piece of sh!t, you want to ruin everything with Hitler rhetoric
Try oh how you might we're keeping track of all of it and no matter how hard it becomes we'll never ever quit
We will not let you!
And we will fight you!
We'll shout our dissent straight in front of you!
We'll tear down the walls with our powerful claws cuz pussy fights back without any pause (paws)
***Fuck Donald Trump
Fuck Donald Trump
It's my body I'll do what I want
Black lives fucking matter
All queers to the front
Hold each other up as we trump Donald Fuck**

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