Monday, 24 April 2017

Cavaverman - Deadly Touch (featuring Irene Viboras)


  Italy's top zombie hunter horror punk band Cavaverman are back on Just Some Punk Songs today with a song from their new ep, Women, Monsters & Cazzottis. The band, a 3 piece featuring Sal Champion, Apocalypse Gio & Doktor Hell have already featured on this blog with songs from their albums James Dead and Tales From Cavafistool and you probably won't be surprised to discover the latest release is more of the same horror themed punk rock that's gone down so well previously. What might surprise you a little is that the song I'm posting today features female vocals courtesy of Irene Viboras of Milan punk n rollers Viboras. You can check out both the new release and their older material over on Bandcamp where they're available for free download :

  Women, Monsters & Cazzottis features a song in memory of actor Bud Spencer (Carlo Pedersoli) and a tribute to the girl that stole the band member's hearts, Jaime Sommers (aka Lindsay Wagner, the bionic woman). Plus this one, Deadly Touch.....


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