Thursday, 30 March 2017

Throwing Stuff - I Know What's Best

   It's been a couple of years since I posted anything by hardcore punk band Throwing Stuff (see that song here.... so the news that they've an album due out on TNS Records on 7th April is cause enough to feature them again.

  If you check out Bandcamp, you'll find name your price downloads of previous releases Throwing Stuff Fuck You and Stuff We've Thrown plus there's the track from the new album that you'll also find a video for below

  The album's called Fit, Fine & Well and it collects together tracks that cover the lifespan of the band. Expect fast, aggressive songs that have something to say. In support of the album they'll be appearing at The Manchester Punk Festival and there'll also be gigs with Australian band, Clowns.

  This is I Know What's Best.....

I walk with the dead but I still fear death 
I don’t have the patience to count each breath 
Another summer ends and I feel safe 
No longer the outdoors do I have to face 
Wading through the weeds to get there 
Up to my neck, I could be anywhere 
The difference between lonesome and lonely 
It just comes down to fucking poetry 
I know what’s best 
Wrap me in electric fence 
I can’t get out, not letting anyone in 
Just pluck up the courage to ask how I’ve been 
If I don’t have enough sleep 
I’ll fall apart at the seams 
I’m trying my best not to be alone 
But I still can’t push out of this comfort zone 
Trying to keep busy every night of the week 
Searching for an escape from the losing streak 

I’ve never been so stupid in my fucking life 
Ignoring all of the internal strife 
Trying to find some grip on a helping hand 
Let it slip and bury my head in the sand

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