Monday, 27 March 2017

The Old Firm Casuals - Wartime Rock 'N' Roll

  The Old Firm Casuals are the San Francisco street punk/oi band who's line up features Lars Frederiksen and who've been releasing great music since 2011. They previously appeared on this blog with their tribute to Slade frontman Noddy Holder ( You can check out some of their more recent releases here :

  They return to Just Some Punk Songs today with the title track from the forthcoming ep, Wartime Rock 'N' Roll. Available for pre order from Rebellion Records, the limited 12" is definitely something you vinyl junkies will want to check out, all 5 tracks feature on side A whilst the flip features a really cool etching. You can read more here :

  Something else I'd like to draw your attention to is a Just Some Punk Songs show 2 part special. The members of The Church Of Oi! Facebook group were asked to select their favourite oi/street punk songs released after 1st Jan 2000. There were over 680 tracks voted for by 136 different bands and this has been collated into a Top 30 split over 2 shows (Tues 28 Mar and Sun 2 Apr, both start at 8pm GMT). Only the most popular song by any band was chosen so you'll get 30 songs from 30 different bands, thus showcasing the strength of modern day oi music. Will The Old Firm Casuals feature? Tune in here at 8pm GMT on Tuesday and Sunday to find out..... If 30 modern day classic oi songs aren't enough, if you right click the link you'll be able to access the chatroom and join in with the chat. DO NOT MISS.

  Back to today's update, as we're on the subject of modern day classics, this is Wartime Rock 'N Roll.....

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