Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Low Levels - Gym Strip

Photo by R.d. Cane
  Low Levels are from Vancouver and formed in 2014. Influenced by the likes of Wipers, Fugazi, Hot Snakes etc they blend elements of Washington DC hardcore with west coast punk rock to create an original, energetic post punk sound all of their own.

  The line up consists of Al Boyle (guitar/vocals, he was formerly in Hard Feelings, The WPP and You Say Party), Byron Slack (drums/vocals, ex Invasives) and Emily Jayne (bass/vocals, ex Devil Eyes & Learners).

  Last year I posted a song from their debut s/t 7 track ep ( and I'm happy to report that they're back with a brand new ep. It's called Lost In The Trance and it was recorded at Little Red Sounds by Felix Fung. You can find both releases here :

  I played a song from the new ep on last night's Just Some Punk Songs show (saved version here if anyone is in the mood for an hour's worth of cool new punk rock tunes.... and it went so well with the guys in the chatroom I'll share it with a wider audience. Catchy, gritty and featuring vocals from both Al and Emily, this is Gym Strip.....


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