Thursday, 2 March 2017

Los Pepes - The Trap


  Los Pepes claim to be possibly the loudest power pop band on Earth and going off the evidence presented by their new video (below), I wouldn't disagree with them.

  From London, they've already had 3 songs featured on here and you can find them, along with the rest of their back catalogue here :

  April sees the band returning with album number 3, it's coming out on Wands Records and will be titled Lets Go! It's going to feature 10 new tracks and if the first song from the album is any indication we can look forward to more of their trademark catchy tunes but this time around Los Pepes are going to rock out just that little bit harder than previously.

  To help promote the album, April and May will see them touring Europe, all dates are on Facebook...

  This is The Trap......

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