Thursday, 9 March 2017

Hund - SFRJ (Sviram PUNK!)

  I think I'm right in saying that today's update features the first band from Serbia that I've featured in Just Some Punk Songs. As I'm relying on Google translating the info I'm passing on, please forgive any errors I might make.

  Hund formed in 1989 in Arandjelovac and are a melodic punk rock band who's current line up features Secure (vocals), Marko (vocals/bass), Chacky (guitar), Come (guitar) and Worm (drums). Their name is taken from the German word for military dog.

  You can find out more about them on both Facebook and their website and they also have a Youtube channel featuring their music.

  Below you'll find the video for their new single. It's called SFRJ (Sviram PUNK!) which Google translates as Yugoslavia (I Play PUNK!) and it's really rather good.....

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