Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Armoured Flu Unit - Human Error

  "Amoured Flu Unit are like minded individuals brought together by continued frustrations and anger against our planet and people"

  Based in Salisbury, Armoured Flu Unit are a hardcore anarcho-punk band (or bin kicking anarcho thug rock) who are seeking to educate and communicate their opinions on injustice, inequality and prejudices to a wider audience. The band line up features Nath Haywire (vocals), Iain Influx (guitar / backing vocals), Danny Burch (bass) and Andy Morris (drums).

  The song you'll find below is taken from their 3 track ep which came out in January on Global Resistance Records and is part of a series of nine 7" singles to benefit the Hunt Saboteurs Association (other bands releasing singles in this series include Anthrax, The Domestics, Oi Polloi etc...). A mightily pissed off condemnation of the destruction of planet Earth, this is Human Error.....

We've stamped all over natures path
And raped our mother earth
Intelligent and civilised?
We don’t realise what its worth
Destroying mother earth’s balance
Upsetting natures scheme
Intelligent and civilised?
A nightmare from the dream

We've become a plastic world
Where everything is fake
Consumer goods for how we look
When will we fucking awake
Factories and industries
Polluting every day
Poisons in the air we breath
This is the price we pay

Cutting down rain forests
That help the planet breathe
Global crisis, heating up
We can’t just up and leave
The polar caps are melting
And water levels rise
Carbon emissions, nuclear waste 
Intelligent and civilised?

We need to walk on natures path
And hold her by the hand
Restore her beauty that's meant to be
Our earth, this dying land

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