Monday, 20 February 2017

The Bloody Lips - Abandon Me

  Some of you may remember that my best of 2017 chart featured a song by Grand Rapids band The Lippies. It was just one of the excellent tracks that made up their s/t debut album and the announcement that they were splitting up just as they appeared to be hitting their stride was received with dismay. Fast forward a few months and a couple of members of The Lippies (guitarist Lawrence Cole and bassist Taylor Shupe) have joined forces with drummer Josh Stacey (The War Between/Cosmonaut) and his wife (vocalist) Krystal Stacey to form The Bloody Lips.

  They've just released their debut album, it's called B-Side Noise and it's out now on Independant Fries. You can check it out here....

  It's a touch heavier than The Lippies but I'm enjoying it immensely, there's 10 tracks in not much more than 15 minutes and as a calling card it's definitely job done. Shame about The Lippies but from the ashes rises another great band.

  This is Abandon Me......

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