Saturday, 11 February 2017

Sweet FA - Anti World


  Sweet FA (or Sweet Fuck All if you prefer) are a skinhead rock n roll band from Philadelphia who formed in 2015 and feature a line up of Bullock (vocals, lead guitar), Chris Z (guitar/lead vocals), Eric (bass/vocals), Hand Hammer (drums) and Casey (vocals).

  In March of 2015 they announced themselves with a name your price Demo and the following February they released the 5 track pre album promo cassette, Live By The Sword. Both these, good as they were, were just laying the groundwork for debut album, Mission Accomplished. Released by Rebellion Records and Longshot Music, it's one of the best new Oi! records around (and as I've mentioned several times, this is a genre that is currently in rude health with many great releases coming out). You can listen and discover just how good it is here :

  If you like this kind of music (and if you're still reading then I'm assuming you do), then you'll be blown away be the likes of title track, Mission Accomplished, American Skinhead Pride and the Romper Stomper inspired Forth To War. Another modern day classic is the song about an angel with a dirty face, living alone on the backstreets, this is Anti World.....


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