Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Dream Nails - Deep Heat


  "Nobody cares if your dick is on fire..."

   If you check out their Facebook page...( you'll discover that London band Dream Nails are "Queer feminist punk witches ready to hex you." I can safely say that after listening to their debut ep these 4 enchantresses certainly have me under their spell.

  Described as being like The Ramones meets Bikini Kill, it's no surprise that their music is up tempo, fun punk that seethes with a strong undercurrent of swirling anger. They've got something to say but they aren't going to be all po faced and self righteous about it when they can get their message across just as forcefully whilst having a good time.

  These sisters (Janey, Lucy, Anya and Emmett) are definitely doing it for themselves as you'll hear if you check out their wonderful DIY ep......

  I played the title track on last week's Just Some Punk Songs show ( so today I'll go with the song that they released a video for a couple of months ago. It's also going to be the lead track on a compilation album called Loud Women Volume 1. All profits from the comp will go to Women's Aid ( and you can pre order it here :

  There's a second ep coming soon but in the meantime, this is Deep Heat....


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