Sunday, 8 January 2017

The Virus - Bombs For Children

  2016 was a crappy year in many ways but it brought us so much great punk music. Can 2017 match, or even better it? Obviously too early to tell but if today's song is an indicator then the signs are very positive.

  The Virus will be familiar to many of you. From Philadelphia, they formed in 1998 and became one of street punk's leading lights until splitting in 2004. By 2013 they were ready to go again and after several line up changes are ready to make 2017 their own.

  Lining up with Paul Sorrels (vocals), Dave Preno (guitar), Josh Howard (bass), Zach Kolodziejski (guitar) and Tyler Capone (drums) they've a new album, System Failure, out on the 14th Feb on Evacuate Records ( and they'll also be embarking on the Desert Offensive tour. You can find dates and more info here :

  In Europe we'll be getting an alternative vinyl version of the album via Voltage Records :

  As a taste of what's to come from System Failure they've unleashed a blistering attack on the abhorrence of warfare and how it's impacting on the youth of not only far off countries but also those on home soil. It's powerful stuff and has me eagerly anticipating the album.  I think it's fair to say that 2017 is off to a great start if you're a punk fan.

  This is Bombs For Children.....

Today's weaponry breeds, tomorrow's children die. 
Building bombs for the children. 
Enough WMD to kill ten times our lives. 
Building bombs for the children. 

Megalomania Euthanize 

Building bombs for the children. 
As building blocks for the children, 
Building bombs so the children die.

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