Thursday, 19 January 2017

Cyanide Pills - Stop And Search

  Hurrah!  Leeds' finest, Cyanide Pills, are back. Already with 2 classic albums (Cyanide Pills & Still Bored) under their belts, they've announced that lp3, Sliced And Diced, will be out on Damaged Goods in March. If the song below is any indication they'll soon be 3 for 3.

  The last we heard from them was on 2015's Conservative bashing Government single, this time around they're battling the boys in blue and their stop and search policy. As you'd expect it's more of the same upbeat, catchy Buzzcocks/Briefs type of spikey pop "n" punk with lyrics about the targetting of young black men and the only people who say the tactics work being those who never get searched. All this and a brief killer riff that brings to mind Shot By Both Sides.

  Phil Privilege, Alex A, Sy Pinkeye, Alarick 'The Trick' and Chris Wrist, welcome back. We've missed you.

  This is Stop And Search......

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