Monday, 24 July 2017

The Young Rochelles - Organ Trade


  There seems to be a big online push to get the new video from The Young Rochelles noticed. It seems everytime I check my Facebook timeline the video is on there. I was tempted not to post it on here for fear that everyone had already seen it plus I've already given out info on the band in a couple of updates but what the hell, it's a great song and if a few more people discover it on here then it's all good. You can check out the previous 2 updates here and save me having to rewrite the info already given....

  Another useful link is their Bandcamp page where you can find both older material plus the new ep, Organ Trade....

 Organ Trade is also available on 7" vinyl through Greenway Records and it features 3 tracks of the fun, catchy Ramones influenced pop punk that The Young Rochelles are known and loved for. In support of the ep they'll be embarking shortly on the For The Record tour, details of which you can find here :

  Having your insides ripped out has never seemed so much fun, this is Organ Trade....

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Red Light Rebels - Barrel Of A Gun

  Red Light Rebels made it into the Just Some Punk Songs end of year chart for 2016 with a song from their Another Round ep (this was the track that made the cut Little wonder then that the release of a debut album, Joyride, should generate plenty of excitement round these parts. You can check it out, along with their previous eps, here :

  A 4 piece from Cheltenham, the line up features Ryan Jean Simmonds (guitar/vocals), Tom Saunders (guitar/vocals), Sam Cook (bass) and Tommy G (drums). The album features 8 rocking, melodic punk tunes bursting at the seams with catchy choruses that'll have you singing along.

  Below you'll see the video for the album's opening track. It features a guest appearence from Rob Crebbin of fellow Cheltenham band 4ft Fingers and is called Barrel Of A Gun.....

Saturday, 22 July 2017

The Prozacs - Sonic Diffuser

  It's not been the easiest year for Westfield, Massachusetts pop punk heroes The Prozacs. Various band upheavels plus the pressures of balancing family life with holding down a full time job haven't made getting the 4th full length Prozacs album released an easy task. Fortunately after what seems like an eternity (it's probably well over a year since I was lucky enough to start receiving early mixes of the songs) Exist is now schedueled for release on August 13th through the excellent Outloud! Records. Their first for 9 years, it's available now for pre order, you can get details and check out a few songs on Bandcamp. Despite the difficulties involved I reckon it's possibly their best yet.  

    The line up on Exist sees J Prozac (vocals/guitar), Matty Prozac (drums/backing vocals), Paul Basile (bass) and Nic Cross (guitars). There's also guest vocals on a couple of tracks from Stiletto Bomb frontwoman Andy Nihilate. Fans of the tv series Fringe might notice a bit of a common thread running through the songs and this sci fi theme is reflected by the great album artwork provided by mega talented Ole O'Brian (

  Pop punk release of the year? To be honest, The Lillingtons might have something to say about that but I think it's fair to say it's the best so far. Make sure you check it out. Many thanks to J and Outloud! for permission to share one of the songs that hasn't been put online yet. This is Sonic Diffuser....

Friday, 21 July 2017

Huiabella Fantastica - T#a kus mu püss on?


  Huiabella Fantastica are the Estonian/Finnish band who formed in 2013 and who appeared on here previously with a song from their 2016 ep Ei Taha Teie Elu. They're a trio with members from Tallinn and Helsinki; Pets (guitar/vocals), Karu (drums) and Mikko (bass).

  You can check out their releases on Bandcamp, it'll soon be updating with their new ep which will feature 5 tracks and be titled Moment Relax.

  They've released a song from the ep to whet your appetites, it's called T#a kus mu puss on? which translates into English as Where The Fuck Is My Shotgun? I asked vocalist Pets what it was about and this was his reply.....

"Lyrics is about those nobrain ppl who we see every day. Arrogant greedy morans. Little half-nazi bastards. It goes like "your bloodtype is negative, your prospective of life is relative your heart is made of shit your brain - is unstable. My friend your world is tiny, little microscopic micro cosmos, in your days no sunshine, you dont know where is what or who or where or who.. where the fuck is my shotgun?!"

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Dead Rejects - Whatever Forever


  Dead Rejects are a ska/punk band from New Jersey who last featured on here a couple of years ago ( but who return today with a song from their upcoming album Grave Mistakes. Unsurprisingly they list amongst their influences the likes of Choking Victim, Leftover Crack, No Cash, The Infested etc but they also have a liking for the catchier side of punk (Descendents, Screeching Weasel, Sum 41...).

  The 2 mainstays of the band have been Shane Sparacello (vocals/guitar) and Adam Cichocki (drums) but they've always been keen to call upon the services of other musicians when required such as current bassist Mike Benus. You can check out their music here :

  As I mentioned, there's a new album called Grave Mistakes and it's due out next month. The first single from it is a catchy number that gradually builds to an uptempo ending, it promises great things from the album.  This is Whatever Forever....

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Sudden Attack - More I Know


  Sudden Attack are a hardcore punk band from San Antonio, Texas featuring David Mata (lead vocals), Leo Ruiz (guitar), True McManis (bass) and Josh Martinez (drums). They've been together since 2010 and have a bunch of eps and demos over on Bandcamp, they're all available name your price so go check them out : Members of the band are also in Death Cult (who featured on here recently :

  Their latest ep is called Sit And Watch and is available digitally from Bandcamp or on limited 7" vinyl or cassette from Taco City Slammers.

  Don't bury your head in the sand, check out his raging hardcore banger. More I Know.....

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Bad Sam - 3 Little Pigs

photo by Mark Richards

  Bad Sam are from Newport, Wales. They have a number of interests in life such as spaghetti westerns, Elvis, skulls, drugs, booze, kung fu, action man toys and screen printing. More relevantly for this blog, they also enjoy making a noise. A great big noise!

  They describe themselves as "five fucks screaming and yelling, playing shit with left wing social and personal shit." Those five fucks are Dean Beddis (vocals), The Glove (guitar), Ricky D (drums), Lanny C (guitar) and Rhystepher (bass). They've previously graced far too many bands to mention without boring the shit out of you but the list includes Cowboy Killers, Dub War, Da Capo and Four Letter Word.

  They self released the Newport Hotel album in 2010 and followed it up a few years later with Working Class Holocaust ( Now they're back kicking and screaming with the explosive new album Bring Me The Head Of... It was released a couple of months back on their own Kriminal Records label and is a must have for fans of aggressive hardcore punk.

  I played a song from the album on the latest Just Some Punk Songs show and it went down a treat with the chatroom folk (the show is saved here if anyone wants to listen to an hour of killer new punk tunes : I'm sure the song I've posted below will go down equally as well.

  Do the best you can, make a living and keep the wolf from your door. This is 3 Little Pigs.....

Monday, 17 July 2017

Grade 2 - Pubwatch


  Grade 2 are a young oi punk band from Ryde on the Isle Of Wight who formed in 2013. They're a trio featuring Jack Chatfield (guitar/vocals), Sid Ryan (bass/vocals) and Jacob Hull (drums). Their first release was a demo, this was followed by the Broken Youth ep and then a split with Saints & Sinners. 2016 saw them release debut album Mainstream View and the excellent ep Heard It All Before. You can get more details from their official site :

  On the 6th August they'll be releasing their new album, it'll be titled Break The Routine and as with previous releases it'll be available on German label Contra Records. 6th August will also see them appearing on the Pavilion Stage at this year's Rebellion Festival. Later this year they'll be touring Europe so watch out for them if they're appearing near you.

  They've just released a video for one of the songs from the new album. This is Pubwatch.....

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Heavy Heart - Poison

photos by Scott McLauchlan

  Heavy Heart are a 4 piece punk band from Nantes in France who formed in the summer of 2015. Their first ep was called Discoveries but it was only at the beginning of this year and the release of their debut album Distance that I came across them. The vinyl version of album soon sold out and it proved so popular that it's the first Brassneck Records release to receive a repress (500 copies on smokey clear vinyl are out now). You can find more details along with the usual Brassneck name your price digital download here :

  The band features Moreno, Louis, Antoine and Lylian and they play the kind of anthemic dual vocalled gruff  punk rock that has seen them compared to the likes of Iron Chic, Banner Pilot etc....

  Picking a highlight isn't an easy job as all the songs merit consideration but as I have to highlight one, this is called Poison.....

We’re the poison but we are also part 
of the cure we never found. 
And honestly it took me many years to realise 
that we can't be better if we do not try. 

I locked myself in a basement 
just to be alone, but some friends say : 
"We've got to share the same pavement. 
Don't play the fool, you miss the point." 

And it's time to learn not to hide behind excuses. 
It's a long way to become the one you wanted to be. 

We’re the poison but we are also part, 
we're part of the cure we never found. 
And honestly it took me many years to realise, 
to find the light, to find the right way to stop breaking down. 

You miss the point.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Teenage Bottlerocket - Alien Motion Technology


  I guess you can say this has been a totally radical week. Teenage Bottlerocket have released not only a new single (Goin' Back To Wyo) but there's also a new album in which the guys cover a bunch of songs from obscure and unsigned bands. It's out now on Fat Wreck Chords, it's called Stealing The Covers and you can check both album and single out here :

  With almost all of Stealing The Covers' songs being unknown to me, it comes across pretty much like an album of original material. There's plenty of catchy stuff on there that'll appeal to long time fans, not sure it'll attract many new ones as they set the template for their sound way back on day one and aside from production quality nothing much has changed since (and hopefully it never will). What you get is a bunch of fun ear worms, tracks like Why The Big Pause, The Way I Know, Hat Nerd etc will burrow their way into your head and refuse to leave.

  The idea to record an album of covers was Brandon Carlisle's so even though he's tragically no longer with us he's still very much been a part of this project.

  They'll shortly be heading over to Europe for a lengthy tour, you can check out dates here :

  Two of my favourites from the album are It Came From The Radio (which I'll play on Sunday's Just Some Punk Songs show ( and the song you'll find below. Originally released by The Mugwumps on their 2007 Banana Brain album, this is Alien Motion Technology.....

Friday, 14 July 2017

The Sneakers - I Fall In Love With A Punk Rock Girl

  The Sneakers are a "poppy surf punk" band from Kuta Bali, Indonesia who formed in 2006 and count amongst their influences the likes of The Ramones, Queers, Screeching Weasel, The Ventures, Dick Dale and Link Wray. They're a trio featuring Eko (guitar/vocals), Didit (bass/vocals) and Jemmy (drums).

  The song I've posted below originally came out in 2014 and you can find it, along with a bunch of their other songs here : 

  The reason I'm posting it today is that it's back out again, this time on the Sneakers Freak ep. It's the debut release from Japanese label Sci-Fi Disks and you can find it here :

  3 chords and a simple as fuck chorus to die for, what more could any pop punk fan want? This is I Fall In Love With A Punk Rock Girl....

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Terminal Rage - Class Crime


  Terminal Rage are a loud, angry, political and anti-fascist punk trio from Hereford (via Wolverhampton and Kent) who list amongst their influences the likes of the UK Subs, Sex Pistols, Conflict, GBH, Crass, SLF and The Clash. The line up features Rich (guitar/lead vocals), Bob (drums/vocals) and Raph (bass/vocals). They're old school and proud, pissed off and loud.

  A couple of months back they released the Where's Our Democracy cd, it's an angry tirade about the futility of voting when the candidate you favour has sod all chance of winning. They've a few gigs lined up in support of it including a place on the bill at Deerstock 2017 (where Ruts DC are headlining) and the Rebellion Festival. You can find details on the ep and any live dates here :

  This song went down well on the latest Just Some Punk Songs show (, it's a powerful rant against governments who "won't fucking listen cause they don't fucking care." Its about how it's a crime that those who hold the power fuck with the lives of those who aren't in a position to fight back. It's called Class Crime....

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Flowers of Evil - Introvert


  Flowers Of Evil are an old school hardcore punk band from Brooklyn featuring Crocodiles frontman Brandon Welchez and David McDaniel of Young Boys. Taking their name from a 1857 book of French poetry by Charles Baudelaire they formed 3 years ago announcing themselves with the SS Eyes single in 2014 and following it up a year later with a S/T debut album. They've just resurfaced with a new album on Deranged Records. Titled Flowers Of Evil, it's one you really shouldn't miss. 

  I've seen comparisons with The Germs, Black Flag and Career Suicide, if you like your punk to be sneering yet intelligent, hard hitting but catchy then this is the album you've been waiting for. Pretty much all of the Global Punk Radio guys have been playing songs from it this week including myself (listen here  :, I'm sure it'll feature in many best of 2017 lists.

  This is Introvert.....

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Gimp Fist - Top Dog

  I was just looking through the Just Some Punk Songs' archives and although Gimp Fist have been mentioned several times I don't appear to have properly featured them yet in their own update. That's a situation that needs rectifying and what better way to do that than by posting their new video.

  For those that don't already know, they're from the north east of England (Darlington) and are a trio featuring Jonny Robson (guitar/lead vocals), Chris Wright (bass/backing vocals) and Michael Robson (drums/backing vocals). They formed in 2005 from the ashes of a ska band called Chowder Boy and have matured into unarguably one of Britain's best punk bands.

 They've already put out 6 albums (including the split with Last Rough Cause) plus numerous singles, eps and splits. Soon they'll be releasing a new album, on German label Sunny Bastards Music, called Never Give Up On You. If the teaser song below is any indication it's going to go down a storm.

  There's several gigs arranged in support of the album including the Rebellion Festival, Punk Uttoxeter and North East Calling and you can find details here :

  Time catches up even with the most fearless of warriors, fortunately Gimp Fist are still as good as they ever were. This is Top Dog....

Monday, 10 July 2017

United Bottles - Working Class Victims

"Snakes in suits offer no solution 
They've been playing both sides
Making working class victims 
With their conflict legacy and mind pollution"

  Rising from the ashes of the sadly departed Belfast Oi legends Runnin' Riot, United Bottles are a melodic street punk band featuring Marty (vocals/guitar), Ralph (bass/vocals), Phil (guitar/vocals) and Eden (drums).

  They've just released their debut album The Spirit And The Legacy and it's packed full of honest, working class anthems that to my ears is the type of record that will fly off the shelves over the pond in the USA. It's been 2 years in the making and the wait has been definitely well worth while. If you're a fan of the likes of Street Dogs or Gimp Fist you'll lap these guys up. You can find the album here :

  They've a few gigs arranged to promote the album (including an appearence at this year's Rebellion Festival) and you can find details here :

  I'll play a different song from the album on Tuesday's Just Some Punk Songs show ( but for today's update  they recently released a video for the song Working Class Victims so that's what I'll post.....

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Darren Bourne (Tadpole Records)

  A few days ago I posted a song by new Brighton band Structure and mentioned that their debut gig was available to view on the Tadpole Records Youtube channel. One thing led to another and today you're getting a top 10 chosen by Darren Bourne who's the driving force behind the label. Brighton's Tadpole Records have been releasing punk, metal, hardcore and noise for a good number of years now and despite slowing down their output of late they've not completely shut up shop.

  Darren's opted to choose his Top 10 songs "right now." Many thanks and over to you mate....

  "Here is my top 10 songs, this will all change next week (and should probably include a bunch of Metal) but this is my Hardcore / Punk tunes right now... I think 2017 has been a strong year so far & we're only half way though - these didn't all come out this year, just tracks I keep playing 

The label is pretty much dead now due to money & time, the last Burnt Cross LP just came out & I have 1 more big plan, but other than that it'll probably just be the odd co-release from time to time...but don't hold me to that, things change.

As I'm Brighton based I'd like to give a shout out to new Brighton bands, we have a killer scene down here right now & If you get the chance go check out State Funeral, Never, Gutter Knife, Vile Spirit, Structure, Desire, Telekinesis, Bodily Fluids, Rotten Foxes, Human Leather & I'm sure by the time you read this a few more will have popped up - Brighton is killing it right now for Hardcore Punk...

Anyway, in no particular order...." 

  1) LEBENDEN TOTEN - Static

 2) WARTHOG - Coward

  3) STATE FUNERAL - Tory Party Prison

  4) STRUCTURE - Disco

  5) PUBLIC SERVICE - Carole 

  6) PANDEMIX - Faultless

  7) GLUE - Enemy

  8) UNA BESTIA INCONTROLABLE - Nosaltres Som La Cam

  9) EXIT UNIT - Blue Turns Red

 10) ULTRA - Fiera

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Natterers - Surf Off!

photo : Miff Did It

  Natterers are the hard hitting Yorkshire punk band that featured on here last year with a cautionary tale of what could well happen once the population of our planet becomes too great to sustain itself. It was taken from their impressive 4 track demo ( Last month they returned with the Toxic Care ep and it's been picking up plenty of positive press, something that doesn't surprise me as it's excellent.

  Featuring Emma (vocals), Andrew (bass), Thomas (guitar) and John (drums), Natterers are definitely one of the UK's most promising new bands. There'll be a 7" version of the new ep out next month on Boss Tunage Records/Serial Bowl Records (not sure how many will be left after pre orders as the toxic yellow coloured ones seem to have already been snapped up) whilst you can check out the digital release here :

  The song you'll find below is a lean, punchy minute and a half blast of sonic fury called Surf Off!

Friday, 7 July 2017

Criminal X - Steal Yer Car

Photo by Lisa Jane Bendall

  Criminal X are a Chesterfield based punk band who's new cd Ernie Else Is A Police Informant has spent the last couple of days spinning in my car cd player. They're a 4 piece featuring Pez (vocals), Hopo (drums), Danny (bass) and Nick (guitar) and they list their interests as sex, politics, drugs/alcohol & auto crime. They're anti facist, pro animal liberation but might just steal yer car.

  If you're a fan of good old fashioned, no frills UK punk rock you could do a lot worse than check out the new album. Released by independant Irish punk label Dead Lamb Records, it boasts 13 tracks (including a retitled cover of Screeching Weasel's I Wanna Fuck) and you can check it out here :

  My favourite song from the album? Possibly this. Steal Yer Car.....

 steal yer car steal yer car steal yer car

watch me now just drive away
burn around on a sunny day
turns me on to steal yer car
watch me now cos i'll go far

steal yer car

brand new car just new today
just watch me now just drive away
ten hours later i'll smash it up
why don't you just go and get fucked

steal yer car

cops have got me once again
they say you're getting one to ten
but i got out to steal yer car
you won't catch me go fuck the law

steal yer car

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Guttfull


  Guttfull are the London feminist punk band who featured on here recently with a track from their forthcoming #notallmen ep (check it out here : I asked Cassie Fox from the band if she would like to contribute a Top 10 for me to post and she very kindly rounded up the rest of the group to come up with this excellent collaborative effort. Many thanks guys.....

  1) DOWNTOWN BOYS - Wave Of History

 2)  X RAY SPEX - Oh Bondage Up Yours!

  3) CWA - Only Straight Girls Wear Dresses

  4) ROMEO VOID - Never Say Never

  5) BIKINI KILL - Feels Blind

  6) CRASS - Shaved Women

  7) DREAM NAILS - Deep Heat

  8) PETROL GIRLS - Touch Me Again

  9) KITTEN FOREVER - Get Loud


Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Structure - Disco

  This could be a short preview as today's update is a song by a new band that I know next to nothing about and who pretty much seem to be absent from the internet. They're called Structure, they're from Brighton and after asking if anyone knew anything about them I was told they're a 3 piece featuring Chris (Die/Onmacht), Paul (Onmacht/Splintered) and Maureen (Men Oh Pause/Burnt Cross).

  They only made their live debut late last month and the footage is available on the Tadpole Records Youtube page.

  More important than sharing loads of info about them is sharing music and fortunately they do have a Bandcamp page on which you can find their debut S/T single. Even better it's name your price so no excuse not to check it out...

  Recommended "for fans of Crisis, Wire, Gang Of Four..." for me the pick of the 3 tracks on the single is this post punk gem, it's called Disco.....

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Dirt Royal - Waiting For The Radio


  Dirt Royal are a trio from Brighton who formed in 2013 and who have a happy knack of writing tunes catchy enough to attract the attention of Radio 6, Rolling Stone Magazine, BBC Introducing and even legendary Clash guitarist Mick Jones who described them as "Brilliant." None other than Jimmy Pursey compares them with The Kinks and I think that's a damn good summing up of their sound which combines elements of punk, new wave and mod and which would have seen them bothering the upper reaches of the chart a couple of decades ago.

  They released their debut album, This Is Now, in 2014 on Time For Action Records (Time For Action being another good indication of their sound for those of you that can remember the 1979 Secret Affair classic). They've also had great reviews for the Dr Weekend single. Successful tours around the Uk (including the Rebellion Festival) and overseas (especially in Germany) have built up an impressive fanbase and the band are bound to go from strength to strength with the release of recent single Waiting For The Radio.

  The line up of the band is Charlie Russell (vocals/bass), Leon Fenton (vocals/guitar) and Loz Hood (drums). They've been busy touring in support of the single and you can find more details either on Facebook or here :

  This is Waiting For The Radio.....

Monday, 3 July 2017

Wolf Bites Boy - When We Were Young

  photo by Martin Kimberley

Wolf Bites Boy are without doubt one of the best of the new breed of Oi! bands that are currently making the scene arguably the most vibrant of punk's many subgenres. Their recent addition of a new bassist to make them up to a 4 piece certainly hasn't done anything to diminish their standing. As well as Stuart Marsden (vocals), Rob Lad (guitar/vocals) and Paul Hankey (drums) they now also boast Cryogenics bassist Rob Passey.

  They've already featured several times on Just Some Punk Songs but today I'm honoured to bring you a brand new song from them that has only recently been recorded. It'll feature on a split album with Brazilian band Fibonattis and will initially be a Brazilian only release (1000 cds first pressing). There'll be 6 songs from each band, 5 originals plus each band will cover the other (WBB cover Velhos Trappos, Fibonattis cover Streets That I Call Home). It'll hopefully see the light of day in a couple of months.

  You'll be able to catch Wolf Bites Boy at this year's Rebellion Festival, they're sure of a packed crowd after wowing the masses at last year's show. They also featured (with another unreleased song from the upcoming split) on last night's Just Some Punk Songs show. It was an Oi!/Rebellion special and can be listened to here :   Please feel free to favourite and share the show and get some great bands a little more exposure.

  This is a look back on years long gone and it's a modern day classic. When We Were Young....

Sunday, 2 July 2017

The Opposition - Generation Outta Control

  The Opposition are a female fronted oi band from Melbourne who formed in 2015 and comprise of 3 former members of RazorCut (Bel : vocals/guitar, Flea : bass/vocals and Snaz : drums) alongside a lead guitarist named Dave.

  They played their first gig last September and now they're about to make their recorded debut in the shape of a split with Canadian band No Heart. It's going to be out soon on Longshot Music and BDS Records.

  This is the first song from that release, it's titled Generation Outta Control....

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Xylitol - (I don't wanna be) PUNISHED

  Xylitol is a sugar alcohol used as a sweetener, it looks and tastes like sugar and helps prevent tooth decay. It is often fatal to dogs (it's more dangerous to them than a bar of your favourite chocolate!).

  Xylitol is also the name of a female fronted hardcore punk band from Olympia, Washington. The 4 members are Laura, Jake, Winter and Colter. Exposure to them can give you an energy rush but also leave you with a severe ringing in your ears. You have been warned.

  Is it toxic to pigs??

  Personally I wouldn't expose pigs to Xylitol, they might not enjoy the toxic sweetness and I doubt they will be overly enamoured with the song Police Is Brutality. As for the rest of you, I recommend clicking the link, turning up your volume and bouncing around your room to one of 2017's best hardcore releases.... It's name your price so no reason not to indulge yourself. The ep will be out early this month on Totaly Negativity records and Thrilling Living Records. They're currently touring with Daudyflin.

  I heard the song you'll find below on (Dr And The Crippens' bassist)Wayne Elliott's excellent Pulsebeat show (listen here if you like cool music : It's called (I Don't Wanna Be) PUNISHED and it's really rather sweet.....









Friday, 30 June 2017

The Hipshakes - Listening


  The more observant amongst you may have noticed that for yesterday's update I posted a song by Manchester band Freak Genes. I mentioned a number of bands that the 2 members also featured in but then last night I was contacted by the owner of Crocodile Records telling me Andrew Anderson is also in The Hipshakes and they've just released a new single. I'm pleased to report it's very good so I'm going to feature it today....

  The Hipshakes are a garage/punk/powerpop band formed in 2001 and have released a decent sized catalogue of music (Check out their Bandcamp here :
 As well as Andrew Anderson (guitar/vocals), there's also Daniel Russell (guitar/vocals), Bruce Sargent (drums/vocals) and Ben Russell (bass/vocals).

  The new single is a double A side featuring Listening and Outside Lines and there's 300 vinyl copies (200 black, 100 white) available on Crocodile Records :

  The video you'll see below was filmed on the hottest June day since 1975 which is why no one seems to be wearing many clothes! There's also plenty of scenes featuring streakers so you might not want to view at work. The song is about the difference between merely hearing sound and truly concentrating and appreciating what you hear. It's called Listening.....

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Freak Genes - Going Wrong

  Freak Genes are a new band from Manchester featuring the talents of Charlie Murphy and Andrew Anderson. Having previously played in bands such as Red Cords, Hipshakes, Holiday Ghost and Proto Idiot they joined forces last year and began recording an album. The fruits of their labour is titled Playtime and it was released on Alien Snatch Records last month. Their influences are Swell Maps, Nick Lowe, Devo etc and I've also heard them compared to The Buzzcocks. You can check out the album here :

  They're already working on a follow up album and in August they'll be playing the Get Lost Festival in Hamburg. A European tour will follow and the line up will expand to a 5 piece for the live shows.

  I played this song on the latest Just Some Punk Songs show and it went down a storm with the folk in the chatroom. This is Going Wrong.....

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Death Cult - Flesh Prison

(photo by Johnny Camacho)

  Death Cult are from San Antonio, Texas and last year they released a demo which you can find name your price on Bandcamp... 

  They play fast and heavy riff driven rock, list amongst the artists they like bands like Lumpy & The Dumpers and Husker Du and line up with Jon (vocals), David (guitar), Valerie (bass) and Josh (drums).

  They seem to have been promising new material for ages so whilst we wait, here's a track from the demo. It's titled Flesh Prison....

trapped in this flesh, sick, sad, and grotesque. didn't even want to be born, but here i am imprisoned in this world. 

grab my knife and peel the flesh, let out my screams and remove the rest, escaping from this flesh prison, escaping the thoughts that left me bedridden. this human form means nothing to me, don't even consider myself a being, a fucking pariah with the desire to feel again and rekindle the fire. 

staring down at my hands, over analyzation. thoughts racing through my head, the mental strain i'd rather be dead. 

grab my knife and peel the flesh, let out my screams and remove the rest, escaping from this flesh prison, escaping the thoughts that left me bedridden, look in the mirror and all i see, a failure according to society, my hopes and dreams are nothing to them, another unfortunate circumstance.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

The Croissants - Buzzkill

  The Croissants return today with a standout track from their new album, That's Tight! The Sacramento trio previously appeared here in 2014 with their outsider anthem We're In The Basement ( Not only have they a new album, there's also a new ep that features 3 tracks that aren't on That's Tight! but 2 of which will appear on the "upcoming debut lp Summer School Again." Bit confusing but that's because That's Tight! is a compilation whilst Summer School Again will be all new songs. Anyway, check out Bandcamp for the music :

  The song you'll find below is on That's Tight! and also appeared on the 2016 split ep with Charles Albright. It's a Ramones inspired 68 second gem called Buzzkill.....

Monday, 26 June 2017

Blisterhead - Border Control

  Blisterhead are a Swedish band that have been together since 1999 and currently features a line up of Erik Tornqvist (guitar/vocals), Andreas Emanuelsson (bass), Johan Carlsson (drums/vocals) and Kim Nilsson (guitar/vocals). Their back catalogue includes several albums (Punk Royale, Via Casilina, Under The City Lights, Tumbling Down) and a split ep with Voice Of A Generation.

  They recently resurfaced with a new ep titled Border Control. It was released on May 19th and was recorded live in the Panic Room Studio. The 4 songs tackle the issues surrounding the refugee situation in Europe. Their sound has been compared to the likes of Rancid, Bad Religion, Randy etc and should appeal to any punk fan that enjoys intelligent lyrics combined with fist in the air singalong choruses.

  I'll play a different song on Tuesday's Just Some Punk Songs show ( but today this is the title track of the ep, Border Control....

Sunday, 25 June 2017

SeepeopleS - New American Dream


  Seepeoples are a long running pop rock band currently based in Portland, Maine.  Featuring singer/songwriter/guitarist Will Bradford, the line up has seen frequent changes over the years but is now a 4 piece also boasting the talents of Ian Riley (bass/vocals), Dan Capaldi (drums/vocals) and Fred Copeman (keyboard/vocals).

  The latest addition to their catalogue of work is the Hate ep. It's the middle release in a related trio of eps (Love/Hate/Live) and it's been causing somewhat of a buzz, partly due to a new promotional video created by Pete List (who's the animator behind MTV's Celebrity Death Match). The video is for the song New American Dream which is a timely reworking of one of the band's older songs (it was originally released during the time of the Bush administration). It deals with the threat to world peace posed by having a bunch of war mongering idiots in charge of  the world's nuclear superpowers.

  This is New American Dream.....

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Guttfull - Keyboard Warrior


  Earlier this year I posted a President Trump bashing song by new London "dirty sax" punks Guttfull ( Today I'm pleased to bring you a song from their forthcoming ep,  titled #notalmen, it'll feature 6 tracks and is released on 20th July. You can check out details here :

  They've a few dates lined up to promote the ep, including the official launch party at the Lexington in London where they'll be supporting Skinny Girl Diet. You can find out more here :

   The song you'll see below is on the new ep and it's also the current single. All the comments running along the bottom of the video are genuine comments left on videos, photos and articles about female musicians.

  This is Keyboard Warrior.....

Keyboard warrior 
Keyboard warrior 
Keyboard warrior 
Keyboard warrior 

Checking out my videos 
Telling me I’m hideous 
Venom on your keyboard 
Scared of being ignored 
Checking out my pictures 
Calling women bitches 
Dissing all the sisters 
I think that you’re dickless 
I think that you’re dickless 

Keyboard warrior 
Keyboard warrior 
You're so mighty 
With your typing 
Keyboard warrior 
Keyboard warrior 
Spewing out in torrents 
Never read the comments 
Keyboard warrior 
Keyboard warrior 
Nasty sniping 
Keyboard warrior 
Keyboard warrior 
Spewing out in torrents 
Never read the comments 
Never read the comments 

Checking out my music 
Telling me you feel sick 
Think you’re such a gangster 
Say I’m worse than cancer 
Checking out my body 
You need to get a hobby 
Call me fat and ugly 
I know that I’m lovely 
I know I’m fucking lovely 

Keyboard warrior 
Keyboard warrior 
You're so mighty 
With your typing 
Keyboard warrior 
Keyboard warrior 
Spewing out in torrents 
Never read the comments 
Keyboard warrior 
Keyboard warrior 
Nasty sniping 
Keyboard warrior 
Keyboard warrior 
Spewing out in torrents 
Never read the comments 
Never read the comments


Friday, 23 June 2017

Mobina Galore - Vancouver

  Mobina Galore are a "vocally aggressive power chord punk duo" from Winnipeg, Canada. The line up features Jenna Priestner (vocals/guitar) and Marcia Hanson (drums/vocals). They've been together since 2011 and list amongst their influences the likes of The Distillers, Propagandhi, Desaparecidos, Against Me! etc...

  Earlier this year they released a new album called Feeling Disconnected. It's available on New Damage Records and Gunner Records and you can check it out here :

  In support of the album they'll be touring North America and you can find details here :

  From the new album, this is Vancouver.....

Trying hard to fill a void but I’m just lying to myself 
It seems I’m dying on the inside you know I’m looking for some help 
I wonder why I’m sitting here when I know I don’t belong 
Disconnected from this moment, didn’t think it’s feel this wrong 

I was a kid when I was smart enough to know what I wanted 
When I was 18 I was told that I had always been wrong 
I’ve got a list to get through but I’m still waiting in line 
I keep being given a chance I choose the same thing every time 


My anxiety distracts me from reality 
I’m driving across this province like a zombie it’s not safe for me 
Or you or anyone involved in the situation 
Can I pull over draw the curtains curl up in the back seat? 


There’s comfort in these walls, they’ve taken me this far, I won’t let it bring me down 
Won’t bring me down, not tonight, won’t bring me down 


Thursday, 22 June 2017

The Muff Divers - There's A New Spud In Town

  The Muff Divers are a duo from Chicago featuring Joe Sussman (Nancy, Dangus Tarkus) and AJ Durso (Culo, Gas Rag). They released a 2014 Demo and followed it up with an ep called No Muff Too Tuff and now they're back with a new album. Titled Dreams Of The Gentlest Texture it came out a couple of months ago on Lumpy Records and you can find it name your price here :

  They play catchy, off kilter punk & glam rock. High pitched vocals, guitars, synth & drum machine. It reminds me of bands like The Dickies, The Spits, Coneheads, Liquids etc and should go down a storm with fans of those bands.

  From the album, this is the infectious There's A New Spud In Town....

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Radioactivity - Infected

  Whilst thinking what to write about today's song I noticed that the band covered in today's update were the second ever band to feature on Just Some Punk Songs way back in 2013 ( Not an awful lot has changed on Just Some Punk Songs, you still get a killer song every day (along with a couple of badly writtten introductory paragraphs) and not an awful lot has changed with Radioactivity. They're still releasing wonderful garage influenced pop punk gems.

  The band lines up with ex Marked Men Jeff Burke and Mark Ryan alongside Bad Sports' Daniel Fried and Gregory Rutherford (as well as Marked Men & Bad Sports they've been in a plethora of other bands including Potential Johns, Chinese Telephones, The Novice, Mind Spiders, High Tension Wires, Video, Wiccans etc. One band you need to check out are Burke's excellent indie pop outfit Lost Balloons who've just released the gorgeous Hey Summer album :

  Anyway, Radioactivity have a new single. It's on Wild Honey Records and despite it being a follow up to their 2015 album Silent Kill, the 2 songs on the single were written several years earlier than that release and have only now seen the light of day. They've definitely been worth the wait.

This is about a relationship that was too one sided to succeed and it's called Infected....

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Tv Crime - Clocking In

  TV Crime are the Nottingham newcomers that crashed last year's Just Some Punk Songs' best of 2016 chart with debut single Hooligans (it was an impressive number 4). It wasn't just me that loved the record though, it seemed to be universally adored so hopes for future releases were very high. Happily enough their new single doesn't disappoint.

  There'll be a 7" soon (as well as a debut album at some point). It'll be out on Static Shock Records and available through Drunken Sailor Records. For now you can check out the 2 tracks, Clocking In & Clocking Out over on Bandcamp

  They tag themselves as northern soul punk and listening to the new single I can definitely catch similarities with another great band, Royal Headache. I think it's fair to say they're one of the UK'S most promising new talents.

  This is Clocking In....