Wednesday, 21 December 2016

The Briggs - Control Alt-Right Delete


  The Briggs are from Los Angeles and formed in 1999. Originally called I Decline they became The Briggs in 2001. They released 4 albums (Is This What You Believe, Numbers, Back To Higher Ground and Come All You Madmen) before taking a break. In 2012 they resurfaced with a song called Panic and 2015 saw them release a self titled ep. Frontman Joey Briggs (LaRocca) also has a number of releases and you can check those out here :

  Now there's a new song that Joey wrote due to his concern about the rise of the right wing and the growing hatred and suspicion of outsiders. Featuring a line up comprising of Joey on vocals and percussion, Jason LaRocca (guitar/back ups/ percussion) and Derik Envy (bass), this is Control Alt-Right Delete.....

I can't believe this is happening 
We can't take 3 steps back 
But that seems to be the case 
it's sure hard to ignore when it's thrown in your face 
So you think this is the definition of an American 
Where the fuck have you been, tell me, where have you been 

I say, fuck these Alt-Right pricks 
Who the fuck do they think they are 
We can't claim this is our land 
When we ourselves are immigrants 

Ihr sagt nun Sieg Heil 
(You guys now say Sieg Heil) 
Ja, ich lach' mich tot 
(I'm laughing my head off) 
Ihr versteht nicht was ihr sagt 
(You you don't understand what you're saying) 
Wenn es das Reich noch gäbe, wäre es nach euch auf der Jagt 
(If there still was a Reich, you'd be the ones they'd come after) 
Ihr seid nicht das Herrenvolk 
(You're not the "Master Race") 
Ihr seid Outback, white trash hillbillies in suits 
This place don't belong only to you, it don't belong me or you 

Fuck you Nazi pricks 
Who the fuck do you think you are 
We can't claim this is our land 
When we ourselves are immigrants 

I can't believe this is happening 
We're so off track 
Now we've got law and order 
at imaginary borders 
it's time to move forward 
not 80 years back

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