Sunday, 4 December 2016

Brash Bullets - Girl Next Door


  Brash Bullets are an up and coming young punk band from Southampton who recently released their debut ep, Radio Therapy and also supported Richie Ramone. They line up with Andrew Defiant (vocals), Cam Otto (guitar/backing vocals), Buzz (bass/backing vocals) and Pickles (drums). There's no Bandcamp for them yet but if you want more info you can check out Facebook :

  They also have a few songs on Soundcloud :

  The UK punk scene seems to be enjoying a bit of a resurgence at the moment (not that the mainstream seems to be taking much notice, fuck 'em it's their loss). There's great new bands popping up all over the country, Brash Bullets will only get better, their ep has 6 tracks that point towards a bright future. 40 years on from an era that brought us classics like Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn't), Teenage Kicks and She's The One, young punks are still obsessing about the opposite sex and still writing great songs about it.

  This is Girl Next Door.....

girl next door with your ginger hair
i want you to like me, i want you to care
we should hang out and we should be mates
i really wanna take you on a date
i wanna know the things you like
what you don't and what you despise
so come on baby, what's the delay?
let's just get it on today

girl next door

now you've moved out and it's too late
i took too long in this nine-month wait
all the things i should have said
they just stayed there in my head

girl next door

i may never see your face again
or your gorgeous hair up, now and then
but if i do then this is what i'll say
"you'll never find anyone better than me!"

girl next door

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