Thursday, 17 November 2016

RF7 - Hatred on the Rise


  Maybe you've already come across today's song, it seems to have popped up a few times on my Facebook feed recently. Despite being a few years old, it's very topical and so this is the perfect time for it to be rereleased and it certainly merits a place on this blog.

  RF7 are a hardcore punk band from California who've been around since 1979. They've released an impressive number of albums including 2009's Hatred On The Rise lp. If you missed it (as I did), fear not, it's getting a digital makeover and you can check it out here on Swedish label Just 4 Fun's Bandcamp page :

   There's a new record, Day At The Crisis, due soon but in the meantime, following on from Donald Trump's election victory, a video has been put together for the rereleased digital album's title track. Both relevant and hard hitting, this is Hatred On The Rise.....


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