Monday, 14 November 2016

F.O.D. - Crew You

  F.O.D. are a band from Lier, Belgium known for playing catchy, anthemic melodic punk songs. They formed in 2008, originally as a Green Day covers band. They take their name from a song on Green Day's Dookie album, it's short for Fuck Off And Die.

  Their frst release was 2011's Dance To This ep and it was followed by 2013's Ontario album. Their upward momentum continued with the Something More single and album number 2, Tricks Of The Trade. You can check out those releases here :

  Lining up with Hans Roofthooft (guitar/lead vocals), Stijn de Waele (backing vocals), Pierre Janssens (bass) and Lode de Feyter (drums), they've a new album, Harvest, pencilled in for release on February 7th 2017. You can get more info here :

  Bringing to mind the likes of Bad Religion, this is a video for one of the songs from the forthcoming album, it's called Crew You.....

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  1. For being inspired by Green Day, they sure don't suck like Green Day! They've made a new fan! This band's fuckin rad!