Thursday, 13 October 2016

Vista Blue - Crystal Lake


  In what seems to be getting to be a monthly occurrence, Just Some Punk Songs is bringing you yet another new Vista Blue song. I'm guessing it's not easy to be so prolific whilst keeping up the high standards that we've become accustomed to but the Nashville, Tennessee kings of power pop seem to find churning out catchy tunes somewhat of a doddle.

  This time round, and not surprising given their love of horror movies and the time of the year, they're treating us to a 5 track ep featuring songs based on some of those movies (Friday 13th, Halloween, Trick "r" Treat). The ep goes by the name October Days (And October Nights!) and it's available on Bandcamp "name your price." I'll be putting this ep on my phone alongside all the others as they make a great soundtrack sing along with whilst bored outta my mind at work.

  If you like Vista Blue and horror, check out singer Mike Patton's excellent Body Count Blog and Podcast : and there's also an ep they did in a previous incarnation as The Robinsons as a soundtrack for the Horror Movie Society :

  I could have chosen any of the songs to highlight as Vista Blue don't release eps comprising of one great track plus filler, every song seems to effortlessly lodge itself in my brain, they're all catchy and fun. The one I've gone with conjures up images of Jan And Dean heading off with their girls to sunny beaches and surf cities, the twist being as it's October, this time around the singer has found a nice secluded place by a lake that he can take his girl to. Surely nothing can go wrong in that scenario!
  This is Crystal Lake.....

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