Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Paul Garbutt (Decontrol)


   I've a top 10 for you today, this time very kindly chosen by Decontrol vocalist and editor of Anger Burning fanzine Paul Garbutt.

  Decontrol had a song from their new album Fear Is The Key featured a couple of days ago and you can check it out here : https://decontrol-neuk.bandcamp.com/. For more info on the fanzine head this way..... https://www.facebook.com/AngerBurningFanzine/

  Without further ado, I'll hand you over to Paul......

here's my top 10 (in no real order, although Discharge is most likely my number 1 :

1 Discharge: The Possibility Of Life's Destruction

The extract from 'The War Game' at the beginning, the facts about nuclear blasts then straight into the assault of the intro chords... unforgettable and for me their most powerful track off the album.

2 Conflict: Force Or Service

Although my first Conflict record was 'Increase the Pressure' it was their next album and in particular this track which really cemented my love for them.

3 The Fiend: Oppression

Until I heard this song, I was into metal only. Thrash was just coming about big time. I heard this at my mate's house as a mutual friend had just started drumming for them and he'd got a copy of the demo. They made me realise that punk was just as fast and exciting as thrash.

4 GBH: Give Me Fire

A classic. One of my mates brought this around as I was getting into various punk bands. UK82/Killed By Death/whatever you want to call the genre, it's a stormer!

5 Rudimentary Peni: 1/4 Dead

I have to admit that when I first heard RP I wasn't impressed. They simply did not do it for me. It wasn't until their second album 'Cacophony' came out that I returned to the first album and found it to be just as classy. The opener is what I liked best, although we did cover 'Psycho Squat' and 'Nothing But A nightmare' live and on our first album.

6 Doom: Life Lock

I heard their first album and the opening notes sounded like Voivod to me. When this song came crashing in I knew immediately I had to own the album. A few weeks later and I saw them at The Riverside in Newcastle. The only band I know who played there and got a mosh pit and applause for their soundcheck!

7 Hellkrusher: Hellkrusher

My mate Ali's band. I've got a mention in their thanks list as I had done some patches for them as well as a shitload of album flyers. This song sums up HK to me. Timeless and totally true...

8 Hellbastard: Death Camp

Scruff and Scotty knew how to belt out a tune. For me, it was this one that stuck in my memory. "Pushed into the grinder!" spat out with so much vitriol... love it!

9 Extreme Noise Terror: Murder

Seeing this on SNUB TV on BBC2 back in the day was an eye-opener. Saw them at The Riverside, where I had my nose kindly busted by and overly enthusiatic dancer. Summed up to me the whole vegetarian thing.

10 Crass: Big Man, Big M.A.N.

Anarcho-punk was something I got into a little later. This song struck a chord with me and although I loved all of the album, for me, this was the most relevant.

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