Saturday, 29 October 2016

Lowest Priority - Not just boys fun


  "Toxic masculinity is ugly, our shows aren't your tough guy contest straight the the fuck up u came to see the wrong band if ur mindset is--"

  Lowest Priority are from Seattle, Washington and tag themselves as both Straight Edge Grrls and Pink Bow Bitches. The Grrls in question are Kristin, Elysa, Maya and Luna. If you're a fan of raging hardcore, feminist punk then you should give them a listen.

  2014 saw them release the Golden And Violet Demo, it's aptly described on their Bandcamp page as pissed off teen girl yelling. By September of this year they were back, equally as angry, with an ep titled Demo 2016. It's 4 hard hitting tracks (including a re vamped version of Golden & Violent) that deal with violence against women and empowering one another to find the strength to effect positive changes in your life. You can find it "name your price" here :

  Despite sharing a title and similar sentiments, this isn't a cover of the 7 Seconds classic. Encouraging girls to come to the front, this is called Not Just Boys Fun.....

Pushed to the side, shoved to back 
gotta stick together and take a stand 
forced fed ideals, "dressed to impress" 
making girls in hardcore pass a fucking test 

always questioned on every moves i make 
use your head man, we're not the fucking same 
sit down and listen, girls have a lot to say 
not here for your validation NOT JUST BOYS FUN 


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