Thursday, 27 October 2016

Hard Evidence - Yesterday's News


  Hard Evidence are a street punk/oi band from St Louis who formed in 2013 and who list amongst their influences Slaughter And The Dogs, Cocksparrer and The Crack. The line up comprises of Ryan Brown (vocals), Bryan Clarkson (guitar), Jim Ulrich (guitar), Dave Jafari (drums) and Nathan Pionke (bass).

  2014 saw the release of their debut album, Last One Standing as well as a split ep with Butcher Boys. It wasn't till earlier this year though that I caught onto them when firstly they released a split ep with Dog Company and then quickly followed it up with an excellent self titled album which came out on Rebellion Records (Europe) and Longshot/Pirates Press (U.S.).

  The new album has been picking up some great reviews and very well deserved they are too. They're one of the genre's best new bands and that's at a time when the genre seems to be churning out plenty of great new bands. Ryan Brown's vocals are mightily impressive and the rest of the band can certainly hammer out tunes that are both meaty and catchy as hell. Prime example being the song you'll find below, Yesterday's News......

I don't really care about the news today 
And it's all the same
People point their fingers
Tell you who to blame
Points of view but they're all skewed
It doesn't matter anyway
Because those at the top are the only ones that get a say 
And there’s so many problems
And I'm just trying to live day to day
But if you put the world on your shoulders
It still won't go away
And I have got the feeling that it's not as bad as they say 
And they predict disaster the same as yesterday
Headlines are tragedies
Sad little passion plays
Peddlers of misery
24 hours a day
There’s no solutions
Just a world in decay
Here to remind us
We’ve no power anyway


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