Monday, 17 October 2016

Force Fed Lies - No Go Area

(photo by Burn Images)

their batons are out
you're all outa luck
they kick you to shit
but don't give a fuck

black, white, man or boy
don't matter what race
you're just another brother
with blood in your face

they taser you down
writhing in pain
fry the fucking son of a bitch again......

  Force Fed Lies are a new band from the North East of England who's line up features Carlton Train (guitar/vocals), Steve Winter (bass/vocals) and Ian "Dusty" Doust (drums). I can find very little info about them online but I think it's fair to say from listening to the few songs that are floating around that they're a hard hitting, politically and socially concerned act that are angry about certain aspects of life and aren't afraid to loudly voice those concerns.

  The song you'll find below is a condemnation of heavy handed policing,  it's accompanied by a powerful video that showcases some of those instances of unnecessary (and illegal) acts of police violence. It's called No Go Area....