Sunday, 2 October 2016

Decontrol - Insatiable


  Decontrol are from the north east of England and formed in 1991. They combined the aggression of Discharge with the anarchic ethos of bands such as Conflict. They bloomed briefly before going their separate ways the following year.

  They reformed in 2014 with vocalist Paul Garbutt complimented by a new line up and released an album, Still Fucking Angry, which comprised rerecorded tracks from their Thunk! demo alongside a couple of live favourites that had been previously unrecorded. Last month saw them return with all new songs for the new album which is called Fear Is The Key. You can check out those releases here :

  Fear Is The Key is an angry lambasting of subjects such as fighting wars for profit, the exploiting of the masses in the name of fictional gods, cunts that hunt, the shop till you drop generation, the ruling elite etc.... Even 25 years down the line, Decontrol are STILL FUCKING ANGRY!  Happily for us, that anger breeds some bloody good music. This is Insatiable.....

  And still it continues
  the lust for power
  exploiting countries
  for natural resources

  they cannot quench their thirst for war
  they will not curb their lust for power
  starting wars
  inflicting misery
  human suffering when will it end?

  Imperialist meddling
  stirring up trouble
  feeding hatred
  to make a quick profit




  1. Cheers Mick for this review and potted history. Class...

  2. my pleasure paul. if you fancy picking a top 10 list of your favourite ever songs let me know

    1. Will do - I'll have a think now... ;)

    2. I sent you a reply in your Facebook inbox.... cheers!