Saturday, 15 October 2016

Bad Mojos - Spacejunk


  In a groundhog day kinda way, today I'm bringing you another super cool band from Switzerland who've got a new release out on No Front Teeth Records. This time it's the turn of Bad Mojos, a Lofi-Weirdo-Retardo-Punk outfit that I came across just over a year ago and who I posted a very uninformative update about here :

  So what have I learnt about them in the past 14 months? Not a lot to be honest. They had a bunch of really good songs that NFT bunched together on the Punx Faggots Freaks 7" and now the same label has released their debut album, Passout City. It's 11 tracks of fun, Spits influenced lo-fi garage punk that you can check out here :

  This is Spacejunk......

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