Saturday, 6 August 2016

The Decayed - PDX Punks


  Another new band that I know little about today but I'll pass on the few morsels I've accumulated. The Decayed are from Portland, Oregon and are a side project that features Ray Nelsen from local power pop heroes The Cry! (

  Utilising his spare time whilst The Cry! seek a label for their next record, Ray is planning on releasing a couple of diy projects, one being a "pop" album that focuses on melody and rich vocals/instrumentation whilst the other (the one we're concentrating on today) is a straight up punk record which will revive music he helped write for local punk bands over the last decade.

  There's a Facebook page for The Decayed ( and there's also a couple of songs from their debut ep for you to check out....

  This one's called PDX Punks.......

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