Wednesday, 3 August 2016

2 Sick Monkeys - Happy Days

  Tight, melodic and in your face, 2 Sick Monkeys formed in 2000 and feature Fred Nus (drums/vocals) and Pete Tower (bass/vocals). Despite there only being two of them, the Swindon outfit still kick up a hell of a racket. If you check out their bandcamp page you'll find their back catalogue :

  They've been gigging regulars both at home and abroad and have shared a stage with the likes of The Buzzcocks, GBH, The Dickies, Discharge, Sham 69, Wonk Unit, Dirt Box Disco and many more.

  There's a new ep in the pipeline but whilst we wait (and whilst I post a few updates via my phone that I got ready before going away on holiday!) here's a recent video they did for a song that was on last year's About Time ep.

  A suicide note of sorts, this is Happy Days......

Inside, outside, upside down 
All my life I've played the clown 
I'll end it all in this dead-end (fucking) town 

Nightmare stuck inside this hole 
My brain is mush, I've lost control 
How much further will I fall? 

So much shit stuck in my head, I wish that I was dead 
Happy days 

This way, that way, where to go? 
Will I learn? I just don't know 
Everything's I told you so 

All these nights, all these regrets 
I tried so hard but can't forget 
All caught up with me in the end


  1. Thanks loads for the ace write-up, Mick, and for sharing the video, it's very much appreciated! :)

    Hopefully the new EP (Someone Pressed The Stupid Button) will be out in time for our UK tour which starts on August 20th and will be available on CD and for download on our bandcamp.


    Pete x

  2. You're welcome. I couldn't share the link as much as usual as I'm away at the moment and the internet coverage is crap