Thursday, 14 July 2016

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Dave Fenton (Dragged In)


  I've a top 10 for you today as Dave Fenton, bassist with Toronto hardcore punks Dragged In, selects his favourite songs. Dave was previously in Dead Mouth and you can check out both bands on Bandcamp......

  My thanks go out to Dave for the songs and comments and also to Dragged In vocalist Patty and Lauren Mills of Mills On Wheels PR for their help

 1)  DAYGLO ABORTIONS - Two Dogs Fucking

When I was 14 years old, I joined the Fheds with Matt from Endprogram on vocals, and Bruce (EndProgram, Dragged In) on drums.  Matt gave me a stack of tapes of punk and hardcore bands to brush up on and this was album was in that pile.  It was life changing.  This song showcases the Dayglo’s incredible musicianship, very satirical, and hilarious lyrics.  Love this band.

 2)  DEAD KENNEDYS - California Uber Alles

This was another band that was in that stack of tapes from Matt, and this tune is incredible.  When I first heard this band and this song in particular, I had never heard such energy in the music, and vitriol in lyrics before.  

 3)  POISON IDEA - Ugly American

Another band that was passed on to me from Matt’s pile of tapes.  Kings of Punk is absolutely one of my favorite albums ever, and this song still holds relevance.

 4)  SICK OF IT ALL - World Full Of Hate

Easily one of my favorite bands.  Their live show is like no other.  This album is incredible, and these songs still hold up today after nearly 30 years.  

 5)  R.K.L. - Betrayed

As a bass player, I dug this band a lot.  One of the tightest rhythm sections, but also one of the most technical I have ever heard.

 6)  AGNOSTIC FRONT - The Eliminator

This is my favorite AF song.  The riff is great, and it has probably the best opening lyric I have ever heard.  I love the sound of Roger Miret’s vocals from this era.

 7)  D.R.I. - Think For Yourself

Love this band.  Love this song.  Amazing riffs and musicianship in this one.

 8)  CRO-MAGS - Hard Times

Age of Quarrel is such an important album, and the drumming is amazing.

 9)  BEASTIE BOYS - Brand New

I love the Beastie Boys, especially their hardcore catalogue.  I was really into their roots in the NYHC scene, and the Aglio E Olio EP is a great showcase of where they came from, and this opening song in particular is a great opener to a solid EP.

10)  CONVERGE - Fault And Fracture

First time I heard this band was live.  They blew my mind.  Their musicianship and song writing is fantastic.  Jane Doe is a classic album, and this song is a great example of what Converge does best.

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