Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Oldfashioned Ideas - Remaining days

  Oldfashioned Ideas hail from Malmo and Vaxjo, Sweden, and have been producing quality street punk/oi music since 2009. They're a 3 piece featuring Per (bass/vocals), Niclas (guitar) and Gustaf (drums). Despite only being around for a relatively short time, they've an impressive back catalogue of music to their name and you can indulge yourselves over on their Bandcamp page as they've made it available "name your price" https://oldfashionedideas.bandcamp.com/.

  Earlier this year they released album number 4, Another Side To Every Story, on Contra Records. I've seen their sound compared to some of the genre's great bands, Last Resort, Blitz, Cocksparrer, Rancid to name a few.

  They aren't reinventing the wheel but they are churning out plenty of impressive, sing along oi anthems. Case in point, this is Remaining Days.....

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