Saturday, 30 July 2016

Grim Deeds - Dave Mustaine


GRIM DEEDS is a complete waste of your time! Pay 5 bucks to download the album! FUCK YOU!

  If you're looking for info on Grim Deeds, that's about all you'll get on their Facebook profile. You'll also get a Bandcamp link which reveals that based in Foster City, California, they're one of the most prolific bands around....

  Mixing up dumb punk songs with humour (check out frontman Grimm's favourite songs here :, they've just released a new album called If The Shoe Fits. It's available on one of pop punks greatest labels, Outloud! Records and it's a blast.....

  I'll be playing a song from it on the next Just Some Punk Songs broadcast (Sun 31 July at 8pm UK time : which will be a special Ramones themed show.

  For the blog though, I'm going with a song that also features vocals from Emi Pop. This is Dave Mustaine.....

He was kicked out of Metallica in 1983 
He set the world afire in '85 
Vic Rattlehead was born from killer riffs on his King V 
Yeah and "Peace Sells.." was the thrash record to buy 

In 1990 he toured the world for Rust in Peace 
And Clash of the Titans was insane 
From spider riffs to red headbangin' mane 
You just can't fuck with Dave Mustaine (3X) 

He's battled his addictions 
And he's battled his own band 
One year he couldn't even play guitar 
He remastered his whole catalog then reassumed command 
With albums better than Metallica's by far 

His guitar talent's rare and he never cut his hair 
Even though his suffers spinal cord pain 
His legendary legacy remains 
You just can't fuck with Dave Mustaine (3X)

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