Saturday, 2 July 2016

Dark Thoughts - No More Soul

  Dark Thoughts are a Ramones influenced trio from Philadelphia who've recently released their s/t debut album on Stupid Bag Records. It's an album that gets through it's 12 catchy songs in less than 20 minutes, all killer no filler as a lesser band once said. You can check it out here : They'd previously released the Four Songs ep in 2014.

  The line up is Jim Shomo (vocals/guitar), Amy (bass) and Daniel (drums). They'll be supporting The Muffs at the Boot & Saddle in Philadelphia on the 17th of this month.

  This is No More Soul.......

No more soul
no more sun
no more dancing
no more fun
no more truth
no more looking in your eyes
no more rest no more sleep
no more company to keep me 
warm at night

You know I never had the money, honey
but your voice is like a symphony
that i play on a tape in my room
when I am feeling down 
and this is more than a sense of attraction
cuz I still can't get no satisfaction 
cuz you you're out there somewhere
and I'm stuck here hanging around

So if you see me on the street
just walk on by
don't look my way
no no no
it hurts too much to say hello

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