Thursday, 28 April 2016

Top 10 Canadian Punk Songs Chosen By Chris Levesque

  Past updates on this blog have seen several people choose top 10 lists of their favourite songs (or songs that they think should be included) from specific countries. If I remember correctly I think so far Estonia, France and Belgium have featured. Today you can add Canada to the list.

  Chris Levesque lives in Calgary, Alberta and he's a guitarist with The Difficult Brown, a hard hitting punk band who's music you can check out here :

  Chris introduces his selection thus, "10 kick ass Canadian bands for ya. Some old, some new, some known, others not so much."

  Thanks Chris.......

 1. Nutboy - humchucker

2. Chixdiggit - where's your mom

3. Ativans - Jimmy's lunchbox

4. Another Joe - eat at Bernie's

5. Dayglo abortions - proud to be Canadian

6. The matadors - 9 shots of bourbon

7. Copsickle - smoke Meth kill cops

8. Conniving cadavers - she's already dead

9. Old wives - bitchin 

10. Isotopes - total juice head

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