Saturday, 2 April 2016

Stinkbomb - Stinkbomb Saves The Galaxy

  Back to save the galaxy from any intergalactic dictators that just might want to torture your ass, today's update sees the return of St Louis punk trio Stinkbomb.

  Swiftly following their split with fellow Braindead Records' favourites Life On Mars, they've just released a new album titled Number Two. Unapologetically crude toilet humour is on the menu here; sex, drugs and rock n roll are very much the order of the day. It's all done with a couldn't give a fuck attitude and a twinkle in the eye. These guys, Joey Remote (bass/vocals), Krikit (guitar/vocals) and Aspen (drums) have no desire to change the world. They're out to play loud and fast and to have some fun.

  As with all Braindead releases, the album is "name your price" and you can find it here :

  This is Stinkbomb Saves The Galaxy......

When there’s evil going down up in outer-space there’s one band you can call to put ‘em in their place! 

We got lasers blastin’ 
We got swords slashin’ 
With our mighty power 
Save the day at the zero hour 
Up on Ralnax 6 
An evil warlord sits 
Genocide on the neighboring systems 
But now we’re here and we’re gonna get him! 

We heard the call 
“Stinkbomb! Please save us all!” 
And so we come ridin’ in. 

On the main viewscreen 
We see the enemy fleet 
So we raise our shields 
Open hailing frequencies 

Turn back now or pay the price 
Bet your life, you can bet it twice 
With our weapons locked 
Your reign ends here, you are blocked 
Meet me on the surface 
Man-to-man combat will decide this 
We’ll see who’s the best 
With an epic battle to the death! 

We heard the call 
“Stinkbomb! Please save us all!” 
And so we come flyin’ in. 

Our enemy stands twelve feet tall with arms as big as trees 
But I shoot him with a laser-blast, Krikit cuts off his knees 
Then Aspen puts a grenade in his mouth and his head explodes 

The galaxy is saved 
And we are headed home 
We gotta play the show 
It’s time to rock n’ roll tonight 
So have fun, it’s alright 
If it weren’t for us you’d be yelling, screaming, getting tortured, all for the amusement of an intergalactic dictator… 
...But we killed him so relax.

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